Josh & Sam . Edgewater Lodge . Whistler Wedding Photographer

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Sam and Josh had their wedding at the Edgewater Lodge in Whistler, BC on the rainiest and stormiest weekend of the year (remember that weekend when the whole city was without power for days!). BUT that did not stop them from throwing an incredible day – one that was all about the right things – family, friends, love, and having an amazing time. These are the weddings that I love to photograph. Ones that aren’t so much about the extra stuff and are more about the people that were there, everyone that traveled  (Josh’s family is from Australia), and celebrating the love. Sams dress was even made by a friend and Josh’s mom made the incredible cake. Plus the rain (mostly) held out during the day and only started up again in the evening when everyone was covered. There were so many images that I loved from this day that I felt told the story and couldn’t be left out. So there are a lot, but I promise if you make it to the end, you will be smiling – this was such a fun day to document. Oh and if you bring your kids to a wedding, I promise that I will take lots of photos of them. Kids at weddings are my favorite and there are a lot of those in here too! I hope you enjoy this post and getting a little glimpse into Josh & Sam’s day.


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