Chaos, mess & love - exactly as you are.

I'm a documentary photographer which means I want your family to be who they are while I'm taking their photos. You won't have any posing or fake smiles & look over here's. You don't have to worry about kids being on their best behaviors or if you all are wearing perfect matching outfits. That's not your family. Because let's face it - life is messy and kids shouldn't have to be told to sit down and be still. Kids can be themselves and get dirty and run around, parents can relax and have fun.. and I'll take the photos to document it all and the moments that capture your love for each other and that make you say "this, this right here is my family".

Documentary Family  Photography.

Daily routines, the often chaos with kids, the running around and chasing giggling toddlers, nursing babies, getting breakfast ready and everyone out the door, riding bikes down the driveway, building forts & street hockey. Whatever it is that tells your family's story and all the little things that makes your family yours will be documented.

My style is simple. It's candid & real. I want to capture relationships and true personalities. I want to document your life together just as it is right now at this moment. I want you to remember moments and memories and not posed and smiling at a camera.

My Style:
Simple, Candid, Documentary

You likely want deeper and more meaningful images that show you the personalities, the love and the relationships surrounding you through all the moments captured at your wedding.

There are so SO many things going on at weddings besides an actual wedding that helps to contribute to the entire story of your day. And it’s not just a ‘day’ - It’s your entire lives – two individual lives and families coming together. And it really should include photographing and attempting to show all of that.. not just pretty & perfect looking portraits of the wedding couple. It’s all the other stuff going on that really helps to create your story – who you are as a couple, what is your story and your ‘about me’.

And there are many layers and people that help to create that. Wedding or not – I love to document those relationships and the people involved.. As humans, we're so complex and our lives are intertwined in so many intricate ways, especially in families. I want to show that in photographs - that THIS here is your relationship and your relationship with all your closest loved ones.


I offer half day and full day family documentary sessions. Basically that means I come over and hang out with  your family for half a day (4-6 hours) or a full day (10-12 hours).  All your family regular routines and shenanigans will be documented during this time. And I promise, even if your kids (and other members of the household.. ahem husbands) do not enjoy getting photos taken, this will not be your regular bribe inducing, you better behave session! Often kids are asking me if I'm coming back over tomorrow or staying the night because it really is just me tagging along with your family for the day.. while taking a few photos here and there of course!
Inquire below if this sounds much better then showing up in perfect matching outfits and bribing children to smile nice for the camera.

Booking Your Session and Planning


No need to plan anything special - I'll be there to document all your regular family routines - morning & bedtime routines, story time, bed jumping, playing outside on the jungle gym that dad built, or splashing in the family pool.  Some families choose to have me come on days when they have some regular fun family times planned - sports practices or games, a family trip to the zoo or beach -  Whatever it is that your family enjoys doing together! 

Your Session


After your session, I edit all of your images. This takes 4-6 weeks and I go through each one individually making sure they are just right for delivering. Afterwards I send out a full gallery link and you can choose to purchase a few (digital or print or both), the entire set,  or have me create a family story album of your day. 

Delivery of Images & Ordering Products


The Process.



I offer half day and full day in your life family sessions. Half Day Documentary family session start at $1400. 


That includes finished images - digital files. Prints and albums can be purchased afterwards for additional fees. Families usually spend between $2000 and $4000 for their documentary family sessions. Please inquire for a full pricing sheet by sending me a message below.

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