I don't buy into the idea of perfection for a wedding. There's so much more that that in your day! I want to capture the relationships & candid moments that make it real. Yes the pretty stuff too, but all of those little perfectly imperfect moments that help to tell the story of your day are what you are going to want to remember.

The wedding is an event that brings together all the important people and reasons you're there saying "I do" - who you are as a couple and your relationship with each other and the guests you've invited to be there. Those relationships - the love, the togetherness and the reasons why you are getting married is what I'm trying to show in photographs.  It's those relationships and the little moments that help to tell your story that I'm trying to capture the most. There won't be a lot of posing or look & smile at me because your wedding is not a magazine photoshoot

My Philosophy.

You likely want deeper and more meaningful images that show you the personalities & the love of those surrounding you through all the moments captured at your wedding.

To me, it doesn't matter how perfect your wedding is, how beautiful your location or how elaborate your decor.

Sometimes striving for that perfect day can overpower the simplicity of why you are there in the first place. Perfection is not real life and by letting that go, you start to realize the beauty of your life that is right in front of you - the candid moments of hilarity, emotion and honesty that all help to bring your story together. Photographing your love as a couple and just as important, photographing the love surrounding you in your guests that have come to celebrate your day.

You likely want deeper and more meaningful images that show you the personalities, the love and the relationships surrounding you through all the moments captured at your wedding.

There are so SO many things going on at weddings besides an actual wedding that helps to contribute to the entire story of your day. And it’s not just a ‘day’ - It’s your entire lives – two individual lives and families coming together. And it really should include photographing and attempting to show all of that.. not just pretty & perfect looking portraits of the wedding couple. It’s all the other stuff going on that really helps to create your story – who you are as a couple, what is your story and your ‘about me’.

And there are many layers and people that help to create that. Wedding or not – I love to document those relationships and the people involved.. As humans, we're so complex and our lives are intertwined in so many intricate ways, especially in families. I want to show that in photographs - that THIS here is your relationship and your relationship with all your closest loved ones.


My style is Photojournalistic or Documentary as some would say. How I approach the weddings I photograph is simple & authentic. I want to capture the candid 'realness' of the wedding day - the emotions and what it felt like to be there. My goal is to not make you say cheese or to pose you all day. There won't be a shot list or pinterest board I'm working off of because that's just not real life! I want you and your guests to relax and forget I’m even there so that they can be themselves. and those meaningful moments, the ones that really matter, can be captured. 

My style makes a difference.


When photographing a wedding I’m always looking for little moments between people—intimate ones, funny ones, ones that tell a little bit about who you are and adds to the story of your wedding day. And the unexpected ones - we expect the bride to get her hair and makeup done, the couple to kiss. We expect the first dance and even to take posed pictures of the couple in pretty light. But, the unexpected ones are the best moments—the ones you can't predict. The ones that really tell the story of your day and make you remember back. Those are my favorite moments to document.

Your wedding is about the moments.


I'm drawn to human relationships and being able to document events that tell us a little bit about ourselves. The relationship between the couple of course, but also with everyone else attending - their siblings, grandparents., friends, etc. Weddings are such an ideal time and place to really capture what it means to be human and to have relationships with one another - to be in love . The realness of it and also the rawness of it.

Your wedding is about the relationships & connections.


Things I know.


We can’t speak highly enough about working with Justine. She was kind, organized, funny, and easy to work with throughout our events. For our couples shoot, she scouted a lovely park near our reception that had both urban and nature views. We would have overlooked this spot in favor of Vancouver’s more famous backdrops, yet it ended up being the perfect intimate setting.

S + B

When we were looking for a documentary wedding photographer, Justine’s portfolio immediately stood out against all other work we saw.


Justine blended in seamlessly, capturing our friends and family at their most natural moments with most not realizing she was even there. We couldn’t be happier with how our photos turned out. Through her work, we can vividly relive the emotions of our special weekend when everyone we loved was in the same place. So many friends have reached out to say how much they love her work. We cannot recommend Justine enough and feel lucky to have worked with such a talented photographer.

Justine's finished product was stunning. What we were most impressed by was her ability to take a seemingly normal picture yet capture nuances and emotions in a way that would leave us staring at a photo trying to find other details we missed on the first pass.

E + M

We were immediately drawn to Justine's style when we were researching wedding. We wanted someone who could beautifully capture the day as it happened instead of taking pictures of fake poses and unauthentic "sentimental" moments. What we ended up with was truly mesmerizing.


She captures moments, emotions, colors, lighting, and reflections in a single take without you ever noticing she's there. As a bride and groom, there's so much you miss on your own wedding day and we got to see it all through the very talented lens of Justine Boulin and her camera. We cannot recommend Justine and her team highly enough. She is one of the most impressive talents we've ever worked with and we highly recommend her to anyone searching for a perfect wedding photographer.

It is easy to relive the small, special moments because there is so much emotion packed into the photos! I love that Justine picked up on the little interactions between us and guests. The hugging photos are my favourite, they are such raw moments that I had no idea she was documenting until we got the edits back.

R + T

We could not be happier with the pictures that Justine took for us on our wedding day. She captured the beauty of the day, and she also captured the love and depth that we hope was evident to all of our guests.


Multiple acquaintances have told us that they felt like they were at our wedding because the pictures were so good, and our Moms still cry when they scroll through our photos! We are so glad that Justine was part of our wedding day, and we cannot thank her enough for the memories that we get to cherish.
I kid you not I have had baristas (friends of friends) stop me to tell me how incredible our photos were! You have a gift and we were lucky to have you as our photographer.

She was the constant professional, being readily available via email for any questions or concerns that we had leading up to our engagement photos and wedding day and always able to quickly problem solve for any issues that arose. We could not have been more pleased with the photographs that Justine was able to capture for us.

K + K

We felt comfortable with Justine from the first time we met her, and knew immediately that she was the one that we wanted to photograph our wedding day.


We always felt comfortable with Justine while she was photographing us and not once did we feel posed or out of place. We especially enjoyed all the candid moments that she was able to capture of not only us as a couple but of all of our wedding guests, allowing us to see all the moments that we missed during the busyness of a wedding day. I would highly recommend Justine to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion and hope to one day work with her again for future photography needs!

Kind Words.

All day wedding coverage starts at $5900. This includes 10 hours for a full day (very rarely will you require more than 10 hours of coverage), all your images culled and digitally edited and an online gallery link for full resolution galleries. 

Yes I do. You can include these in your wedding package from the beginning or we can add them on after. What’s nice about the online gallery that you receive is that prints can be ordered directly off of there and are printed and delivered from the professional lab that I use.

Yes of course. You can choose to order prints from my professional lab or bring the digital copies to a lab of your choice. I will warn you though that not all labs are going to give the same quality. If you choose to do this, let me know and I can point you in the right direction towards a few local labs that are a bit better than others. 

I have several I work with and a 2nd shooter can be added to any package (the base package does not include one). Generally, for a standard wedding with 100 guests or less, it’s not always necessary. But for larger weddings with a lot of guests and/or a large wedding party, I recommend having someone with me so that nothing is missed! There are a few local photographers with similar style that I often work with and hire to come along with me to document your day.

Yes - Family photos are important too! For that reason, I gather a list of groupings from you before your day so that after the ceremony (or whenever you choose to do so) we get them done. Don’t worry, your grandparents will get their prized family photo to hang on the mantle.

Yes you can. Again, I don't feature a lot of those on my site, but I can add them on to any package. You can see a few examples of engagement sessions by heading HERE. 

During the busy summer months you can expect to get your photos in 12-14 weeks. That may seem long but I really pride myself on meticulously going through your images and editing every single one individually. I will share some previews with you in the first week, so you won’t be left in the dark the entire time! 

As for how many you will receive, every wedding varies a bit, but you can expect anywhere between 700-1000 images from an entire day of coverage.

Yes, I do. I have back up cameras, lenses, batteries and always back up your images on multiple photo cards so I promise you're in safe hands! 

Send me a message through my contact form HERE with your date and a bit of information about your wedding. I’ll get back to you asap! 

To secure your date, a signed contract and 50% deposit is required. The remaining 50% will be due 1 month before your wedding day.

All my wedding collections are based on a full day of coverage. I won't be leaving before the cake is to be cut, or ask you to rush the first dance because my 'time' is up.


Your day will unfold and events will happen as they are supposed to happen, and I'll be there to document it all. From start to end and you won't have to worry about anything being missed.

Full day coverage starts at $5900