Knox and Ford . Vancouver Family Photographer.

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Mom and I have been trying to set this session up for some time now.. but it seemed that something always got in the way – weather, timing, sick kids. A bit of a last minute opening and sunny skies, I messaged her on a Saturday morning to see if they happened to be free that afternoon/evening and they were! I was happy and excited to head out and finally document a day for them.  I think this is the 3rd (maybe 4th?) time that I’ve photographed them all.  The first being when their oldest was just a few months old and I had had my camera for all of 2 weeks. Not having my own kids or really anyone to photograph, I asked if I could practice with them. I cringe at those photos now but she says she still treasures them (I think she’s just being nice! ha!). Now they have a toddler and the oldest is going into kindergarten in the fall. How time flies!  That being said, I do love going back and documenting families over the years. Adding new babies, new houses, and just seeing their little ones grow up.

Arriving just as they were returning from hockey practice with their oldest, we headed out to a few favorite little spots that they like to spend time at, and back home for dinner, bath time and bedtime stories. Thank you Leesons for letting me join you for an afternoon and evening to simply document your day together. Many of my favorites from our time together – 

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