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A few years ago I had decided that I only wanted to shoot weddings. It seemed that families were only looking for perfectly posed photos with everyone smiling at the camera.. matching perfectly coordinated outfits and kids were told to be on their best behavior and they’d get a treat afterwards. That is SO not me. I started to really dislike my family sessions and decided that maybe they just weren’t for me. I wanted to shoot what was real – the imperfect, the mess and the chaos, actual real moments of love between family members. I wanted to have families invite me into their homes and on their regular routine adventures to just simply document. The  ups and downs that is parenthood and the little moments that show just how much love is in the home.. and of course the mess.. ohhh the mess! And then the most amazing thing happened.. I started finding these families who also felt the same. And this past year (particularly all the families I worked with this past summer & fall) have made me LOVE doing family sessions again. Seriously, if I photographed you and your family this past year you seriously rock.

So here is post of one such family.  I drove up to Squamish and documented an evening with the Ponkey’s – Mom, Dad, Brielle & Brooke. And I had so much fun. And I think they did too. Because really, when you can just be yourself and not worry about having to look perfect in front of a camera or if the kids are going to behave, how can you not have fun?

So please, if this jives with you too. And you also want to document this little bit of time in your life for what it actually is – please get a hold of me. I am loving these sessions so so much. And time is going by much too fast with little ones to not have some documented memories of what it was like.

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