Gabrielle . 2nd Birthday

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Admittedly, I’m not your typically Birthday Party photographer. Parents are usually thinking cake smashes or pretty posed photos of their children dressed in tutu’s or little suit & ties. A birthday decorated for the pinterest boards made perfectly just so is not the birthday party I would be there to photograph. BUT when you get a family like this one – who are all for just documenting the experience and capturing the moments and all the little things that make a 2 year old.. well a 2 year old. That to me is capturing a birthday party for a child… because what other way would you want it captured, than to photograph who they are at that age on their birthday – their personalities and little expressions and moments that make them who they are rather than make it about something they are not. For this reason, I was so happy to be able to document Gabrielle’s afternoon on her birthday spent with those who love her best of all. A small little preview and many more to come – 

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