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I got the call to document Imogen’s birth at 1 in the morning. Of course this was a night that I had decided to stay up late to work so had only gone to bed an hour or so before the call. But, this being the 2nd birth I was photographing, I was pretty excited to get up, grab my gear and head out to Abbotsford where mom and dad were just getting to the hospital. 

Mom, Jayme, is a photographer herself and has documented many births.. so needless to say, I was fairly honored when she asked if I would be interested in photographing her 2nd baby girl. This one ended up being a csection in the end and unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to come into the room, but I was so honored and thankful to be present leading up to it. I love focusing on mom and dad’s interactions and relationship during the birth – the hand holding and encouragement, and the little looks to each other. And I was happy that it worked out afterwards to meet Imogen and to photograph big sister coming and meeting her for the first time. Both births I’ve photographed have had an older sibling come and meet their new little sibling. I’ve teared up during this moment both times.. such a special time for siblings to meet for the first time and of course it takes me immediately back to when my oldest met his new little brother. 

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite images of little Imogen making her entrance to the world. Thank you once again to Jayme for having me there. It was an honor to document this for you. xo


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  1. Madelise says:

    Lovely! Welcome, little one! Beautifully documented.