Elliotte & Janie at the PNE . Vancouver Family Photographer

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I’ve wanted to photograph a family session at the PNE forever!! So when this family suggested that, I was thrilled! And it was amazing… albeit challenging (if anyone has been to the PNE, you know how incredibly busy it is.. so basically people blocking every single shot so I had to be quick!) but so much fun. And Elliotte and Janie were the best – I loved that they had never had cotton candy before this trip to the PNE – there may be a LOT of cotton candy photos but I just love how excited they were to be eating it for the first time. But animals, rides, and even the super dog show – it was a fun evening. Thank you to Felicia for being on board with this and having me tag along. Many (way too many!) of the photos from the evening – 

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