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Every now and then, I love to pick up a few 2nd shooting jobs in between my own weddings. This past summer I 2nd shot several weddings and I truly loved them all.  I find not being the ‘main’ photographer it allows me to relax in a way that allows me to shoot more candid moments and to be a bit more creative. There’s a lot more room for mistakes and ‘missing’ the shot per se because of trying something new and different or chasing ‘moments’. Obviously this helps my own wedding shooting immensely because I can practice and try out some things I wouldn’t otherwise while I’m the 2nd shooter. That being said, if I 2nd shot with you this past summer, I apologize for the sheer amount of photos I took that you had to go through.. sometimes when trying out new things, a lot more photos are taken! ha!

Now that wedding season is over, I’m finally going through these photos. The first one, was shot way at the beginning of the summer with Kyla Ewert out in Abbotsford. Shannon & Bruce got married in Bruce’s backyard (which is one of the most beautiful backyards I’ve ever seen by the way!), and it was a pretty incredible day. Trying to focus solely on documentary photos and ‘moment’s (minus a few portraits here and there when I couldn’t resist with the light)  here are many of my favorites from their day –


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