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Devon & Ollie . Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Devon & Ollie got married at Canada Place in the Pan Pacific Hotel here in Vancouver earlier this summer. Such a beautiful day full of so many fun moments... I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to share so there are a lot! But seriously, they are adorable and I had so much fun photographing this one. Also Devon's Grandma totally stole the dance floor - she was my favorite guest for sure! And thank you of course to my super awesome 2nd shooter Sara of Sara Roger's Photography.

Congratulations again you two! xo

Devon&Ollie_lowresDevon&Ollie_lowres-2Devon&Ollie_lowres-5Devon&Ollie_lowres-7Devon&Ollie_lowres-9Devon&Ollie_lowres-10Devon&Ollie_lowres-11Devon&Ollie_lowres-15Devon&Ollie_lowres-17Devon&Ollie_lowres-24Devon&Ollie_lowres-33Devon&Ollie_lowres-37Devon&Ollie_lowres-40Devon&Ollie_lowres-42Devon&Ollie_lowres-44Devon&Ollie_lowres-48Devon&Ollie_lowres-51Devon&Ollie_lowres-65Devon&Ollie_lowres-68Devon&Ollie_lowres-71Devon&Ollie_lowres-73Devon&Ollie_lowres-76Devon&Ollie_lowres-91Devon&Ollie_lowres-104Devon&Ollie_lowres-108Devon&Ollie_lowres-114Devon&Ollie_lowres-118Devon&Ollie_lowres-128Devon&Ollie_lowres-131Devon&Ollie_lowres-134Devon&Ollie_lowres-143Devon&Ollie_lowres-146Devon&Ollie_lowres-147Devon&Ollie_lowres-151Devon&Ollie_lowres-154Devon&Ollie_lowres-156Devon&Ollie_lowres-157Devon&Ollie_lowres-164Devon&Ollie_lowres-165Devon&Ollie_lowres-184Devon&Ollie_lowres-190Devon&Ollie_lowres-202Devon&Ollie_lowres-204Devon&Ollie_lowres-220Devon&Ollie_lowres-230Devon&Ollie_lowres-270Devon&Ollie_lowres-283Devon&Ollie_lowres-285Devon&Ollie_lowres-290Devon&Ollie_lowres-294Devon&Ollie_lowres-300Devon&Ollie_lowres-261Devon&Ollie_lowres-304Devon&Ollie_lowres-234Devon&Ollie_lowres-264Devon&Ollie_lowres-187Devon&Ollie_lowres-313Devon&Ollie_lowres-307Devon&Ollie_lowres-310Devon&Ollie_lowres-315Devon&Ollie_lowres-317Devon&Ollie_lowres-324Devon&Ollie_lowres-329Devon&Ollie_lowres-330Devon&Ollie_lowres-333Devon&Ollie_lowres-336Devon&Ollie_lowres-339Devon&Ollie_lowres-341Devon&Ollie_lowres-343Devon&Ollie_lowres-345Devon&Ollie_lowres-357Devon&Ollie_lowres-361Devon&Ollie_lowres-362Devon&Ollie_lowres-365Devon&Ollie_lowres-367Devon&Ollie_lowres-363Devon&Ollie_lowres-401Devon&Ollie_lowres-368Devon&Ollie_lowres-372Devon&Ollie_lowres-376Devon&Ollie_lowres-377Devon&Ollie_lowres-380Devon&Ollie_lowres-383Devon&Ollie_lowres-388Devon&Ollie_lowres-405Devon&Ollie_lowres-408Devon&Ollie_lowres-413Devon&Ollie_lowres-446Devon&Ollie_lowres-447Devon&Ollie_lowres-455Devon&Ollie_lowres-450Devon&Ollie_lowres-452Devon&Ollie_lowres-453Devon&Ollie_lowres-454Devon&Ollie_lowres-461Devon&Ollie_lowres-464Devon&Ollie_lowres-466Devon&Ollie_lowres-473Devon&Ollie_lowres-475Devon&Ollie_lowres-476Devon&Ollie_lowres-479Devon&Ollie_lowres-482Devon&Ollie_lowres-485Devon&Ollie_lowres-488Devon&Ollie_lowres-489Devon&Ollie_lowres-490Devon&Ollie_lowres-491Devon&Ollie_lowres-501Devon&Ollie_lowres-503Devon&Ollie_lowres-507Devon&Ollie_lowres-509Devon&Ollie_lowres-510 Devon&Ollie_lowres-513Devon&Ollie_lowres-512Devon&Ollie_lowres-515Devon&Ollie_lowres-516Devon&Ollie_lowres-519Devon&Ollie_lowres-521Devon&Ollie_lowres-522Devon&Ollie_lowres-525Devon&Ollie_lowres-526Devon&Ollie_lowres-531Devon&Ollie_lowres-541Devon&Ollie_lowres-542Devon&Ollie_lowres-543Devon&Ollie_lowres-544Devon&Ollie_lowres-546Devon&Ollie_lowres-548Devon&Ollie_lowres-550Devon&Ollie_lowres-579Devon&Ollie_lowres-583Devon&Ollie_lowres-590Devon&Ollie_lowres-600Devon&Ollie_lowres-593Devon&Ollie_lowres-619Devon&Ollie_lowres-620Devon&Ollie_lowres-628Devon&Ollie_lowres-631Devon&Ollie_lowres-632Devon&Ollie_lowres-646Devon&Ollie_lowres-648Devon&Ollie_lowres-651Devon&Ollie_lowres-663Devon&Ollie_lowres-672Devon&Ollie_lowres-682Devon&Ollie_lowres-709Devon&Ollie_lowres-710Devon&Ollie_lowres-720Devon&Ollie_lowres-723Devon&Ollie_lowres-728Devon&Ollie_lowres-730Devon&Ollie_lowres-734Devon&Ollie_lowres-736Devon&Ollie_lowres-744Devon&Ollie_lowres-753Devon&Ollie_lowres-754Devon&Ollie_lowres-757Devon&Ollie_lowres-758Devon&Ollie_lowres-762Devon&Ollie_lowres-763Devon&Ollie_lowres-764Devon&Ollie_lowres-765Devon&Ollie_lowres-766Devon&Ollie_lowres-768Devon&Ollie_lowres-775Devon&Ollie_lowres-780Devon&Ollie_lowres-783Devon&Ollie_lowres-793Devon&Ollie_lowres-794Devon&Ollie_lowres-799Devon&Ollie_lowres-804Devon&Ollie_lowres-805Devon&Ollie_lowres-807Devon&Ollie_lowres-808


2014 year in review . Vancouver Wedding Photographer


It's always fun to look back at the weddings & couples I shot over the past year.  2014 was pretty incredible one and I worked with some pretty amazing couples.  To them all,  thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to capture your day. I loved each and every one of your wedding's for many different reasons. To the couples I'm working with this year, I can not wait to see how your day unfolds and what I get to document. I absolutely without a doubt, love what I get to do and can can't thank you enough for choosing me to come along on your day. without further ado - a few of my favorites and a bit of a year in review -


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Courtney & Austin . Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Earlier in the summer I shot a wedding with Simply Rose Photography here in Vancouver. The Ceremony was at the Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission, and although rainy off and on throughout the day, it turned out to be beautiful! Some of my favorite images throughout the day below and if you wanted to check out Rose's post you can do that by going here. Congratulations once again Courtney & Austin!

courtneyaustinweding (11)

courtneyaustinweding (7)courtneyaustinweding (53)courtneyaustinweding (1)courtneyaustinweding (4)courtneyaustinweding (2)courtneyaustinweding (6)courtneyaustinweding (5)courtneyaustinweding (54)courtneyaustinweding (8)courtneyaustinweding (9)courtneyaustinweding (10)courtneyaustinweding (12)courtneyaustinweding (13)courtneyaustinweding (14)courtneyaustinweding (15)courtneyaustinweding (16)courtneyaustinweding (21)courtneyaustinweding (22)courtneyaustinweding (23)courtneyaustinweding (24)courtneyaustinweding (25)courtneyaustinweding (26)courtneyaustinweding (27)courtneyaustinweding (28)courtneyaustinweding (29)courtneyaustinweding (31)bcourtneyaustinweding (34)courtneyaustinweding (35)courtneyaustinweding (36)courtneyaustinweding (36b)courtneyaustinweding (37)courtneyaustinweding (38)courtneyaustinweding (39)courtneyaustinweding (40)courtneyaustinweding (41)courtneyaustinweding (42)courtneyaustinweding (43)courtneyaustinweding (44)courtneyaustinweding (47)courtneyaustinweding (48)courtneyaustinweding (49)courtneyaustinweding (50)courtneyaustinweding (51)



Natalie & Eric . Whytecliff Park . Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Earlier in the summer I met up with Natalie & Eric to shoot their engagement photos at Whytecliff Park here in Vancouver. Their wedding is not until next summer, but we thought we'd take advantage of the long days and the gorgeous sunsets we were getting a few months ago. Some of my favorites from our evening together -




Jen & Louis . Steveston Engagement Photography


I met up with Jen and Louis for their engagement session a few weeks back at Steveston in Richmond. Their wedding is not until next summer, but Steveston was one of their first dates several years back almost to the day, so they thought it would be fun to walk around where it all began as the sun was setting. A few of my favorites from their session -



Tara & G . Vancouver Rowing Club Wedding


A  gorgeous day (after back and forth rain predictions all week!), such a fun couple with friends who know how to have a good time on the dance floor, personal vows and speeches that had everyone tearing up, and so many adorable little ones running around - what more can you ask for! This was such a fun wedding to document in Stanley Park at the Vancouver Rowing Club. Congratulations once again Tara & G and thank you so much for having me there to document your day. Many of my favorites - 1 (2)1 (8)1 (3)1 (1)1 (4b)1 (9)1 (6)1 (11b)1 (12b)1 (16)1 (18)1 (20)1 (21)b1 (23)1 (23)b

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Venue: Vancouver Rowing Club Makeup: Yelena Perunov


Lauren & Garrett . Langley Engagement Photographer


Lauren and Garrett are getting married next summer at the Fraser River Lodge and I shot their engagement session a few weeks ago at Derby Reach Park in Langley. We were hoping for a sunset, but instead it was pouring! And not just a little bit of rain, but torrential downpour! Although we found a few dry spots under the trees, these two were pretty awesome and not letting the rain ruin the evening. I love when couples just go with the flow and have a good time regardless! A few of my favorites from their session -