richmond family photography


soul shooting. a workshop.


I got to attend an incredible workshop last month called Soul Shooting. It was put on in Seattle by some of my favorite photographers - Molly Flanagan, Kellie Hatcher, Rosina Waszaj, and Sarah Robertson. I was pretty much in awe just being able to hear these 4 speak and share their wisdom with us! There were 25 of us in total attending and it really was an amazing experience. The workshop is still taking place per se, as over the next 3 months we all get to interact and do assignments together. I'm pretty excited to see how the next 3 months pans out.. and to learn a bit more about ourselves and our photography. I highly recommend this one if you ever have the chance!

While there we got to take part in a few shooting exercises. The first one was at the home of another photographer attending. We got to watch Molly & Sarah in action as well as take a few of our own photos.. which is easier said then done in a roomful of photographers!!  The 2nd family was back at the church where the workshop was held with Rosina & Kellie.  I was trying to really take it all in and observe as much as possible, but even so I was able to get a few random shots here and there. here are a few of my favorites from our time with the two families.

The first family with Molly & Sarah:


The second family with Rosina & Kellie:




whistler . an afternoon adventure.

My sister spends most of her time travelling the world & figure skating on cruise ships (she's super amazing & talented!). Several weeks ago she was in Vancouver and we made a trip up to whistler with my mom. The three of us spent the night and the next afternoon exploring the village & mountains. This is our afternoon documented. I hope you enjoy!