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An evening at the beach with friends . Vancouver Family Photographer

You know those friends who you sporadically keep in touch with throughout the years but of course with families, and jobs and it doesn't help that you live half way across the country from one another. Yet somehow you do keep in touch through weddings and random visits and facebook messages.. and when you meet up it's just like it always was.. plus a few extra kids and husbands.. and wow, life goes fast sometimes.  Such a great visit this past weekend from one of those friends who last time I saw her, had a new baby boy, and now 5 years later and 5 boys between us.  Such a wonderful weekend spent catching up and meeting the rest of her family. A little beach outing at Spanish Banks on their last night here and a few random photos.. I actually meant to take a lot more but I also was just enjoying myself so slacked a bit in the picture taking - it sat in the stroller nonetheless and every now and then I picked it up and snapped a few.  A few of those - DSC_2557DSC_2561DSC_2568DSC_2555DSC_2569DSC_2547DSC_2549DSC_2550DSC_2574DSC_2594DSC_2595DSC_2598DSC_2614DSC_2616DSC_2620DSC_2621DSC_2627DSC_2629DSC_2632DSC_2639DSC_2645DSC_2651DSC_2662DSC_2668DSC_2673DSC_2675DSC_2677DSC_2678DSC_2681DSC_2685DSC_2686DSC_2687DSC_2695DSC_2698DSC_2699DSC_2701DSC_2712DSC_2714DSC_2716DSC_2720DSC_2727DSC_2728DSC_2731DSC_2755DSC_2762DSC_2769DSC_2771DSC_2774DSC_2775DSC_2780


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Easter Weekend in Photos.

Last weekend, we headed over to the island for Easter to spend time with Ryan's mom. I always say that I'm going to document one of these long weekends we head over and this time I decided to do just that. I'm also trying to use my actual camera a bit more with my own boys instead of just my phone so I'm happy I decided to bring it along. A bit of a random assortment of photos but here are a few of my favorites - even one of me to prove I was in fact there ;)! easterbreakeasterbreak-2easterbreak-3easterbreak-4easterbreak-5easterbreak-6easterbreak-7easterbreak-8easterbreak-9easterbreak-11easterbreak-12justine_week14easterbreak-13easterbreak-63easterbreak-15easterbreak-16easterbreak-17easterbreak-18easterbreak-19easterbreak-20easterbreak-21easterbreak-22easterbreak-24easterbreak-25easterbreak-26easterbreak-27easterbreak-28easterbreak-29easterbreak-30easterbreak-31easterbreak-32easterbreak-33easterbreak-62easterbreak-35easterbreak-36easterbreak-37easterbreak-38easterbreak-40easterbreak-41easterbreak-42easterbreak-43easterbreak-44easterbreak-45easterbreak-47easterbreak-48easterbreak-49easterbreak-50easterbreak-51easterbreak-52easterbreak-53easterbreak-54easterbreak-55easterbreak-56easterbreak-57easterbreak-58easterbreak-59easterbreak-60easterbreak-61

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Liam . newest addition.


We welcomed our newest  little guy, Liam,  into the world several weeks ago (has it already been almost a month!?) and I thought I would share some photos of him here. He's so perfectly squishy and adorable and although sleep is in hot demand around here (he is one hungry little guy!), knowing how quickly this season passes, I'm trying  to savor every moment of him. The savoring is better on some days than others, but there is something about your 2nd baby and knowing just how fast it does all pass. Admittedly, I haven't taken a whole lot of photos of him with my big camera, but I do document our daily life via my phone & instagram (you can follow me if you'd like on instagram here or search for @justineboulin). It's been fun to look back on the photos from this past month, and I think I may do a separate blog post for that in a few days because they are some of my favorites of our day to day.

But for now, a few of Liam from the other day when I had a bit of extra time to take some with my big camera -




May 10 on 10


Every month I do a 10 on 10 project with a pretty fantastic group of photographers from all over the place. Basically it's 10ish phtoos posted on the 10th of each month. For those that have followed the blog circle around and have arrived from DeAnna McCasland Photography, thanks for stopping by! For this month's 10 on 10  I took my camera along for one of our early morning adventures. We often head out in the mornings, but this morning was a particular early one and after we ate breakfast, I saw that the sun was starting to come up and I remembered that I've wanted to go to this little spot for a while now. I knew that we'd likely be the only ones there with it being so early and that there would be a good chance of seeing some baby geese this time of year. We were in luck as they were all hanging out right on the trail path. We spent some time exploring around, walking on the docks and watching the geese before running around in the trails for a bit - all with a car in each hand.. because you know, it wouldn't be the same with out bringing your cars along to the park!

Some of my favorites from our morning -



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april 10 on 10

Every month I join a pretty fantastic group of photographers for a 10 on 10 post - 10ish photos on the 10th of each month. I may have broken the rules this month and posted 14..opps.. but who's counting, right!? Thank you to everyone who arrived here from Jen Downer at She Saw Things Photography.  Make sure to head around the blog circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post!

And now for my April 10 on 10 edition -  Wreck beach is Vancouver's nude beach. Fortunately, this time of year there aren't too many enthusiasts out enjoying the chilly, although sunny, weather! We did a bit of exploring, drove cars in the sand and on the logs, and climbed up and down the longest set of stairs ever to get there and back -  and of course I took a few photos along the way. We were also able to enjoy a few cherry blossom trees in the area before heading home. It was such a beautiful day and although still a bit chilly, spring is here!




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a foggy morning in black & white.


There's something about the fog that is so magical that I just love. Whenever we wake up in the morning and I see a heavy fog cloud outside I can't help myself but want to head out and explore.. and bring my camera along. I did another fog post a few weeks back and I doubt this will be my last.  And if there's a family or couple out there who also thinks the fog is pretty fun, I'd love to meet you and take your photos.. just saying! *also don't forget that I'm still holding my wedding package giveaway contest. If you're getting married next year, you'll want to head here to check it out and enter* Here's a few from our morning.


a morning on the farm.


This past weekend we visited Nana's. One of the boys favorite things to do while there is to head next door to the neighbors farm to explore around. Horses, pigs, chickens, baby much to see and do - what little boy wouldn't love it!  Her neighbors are really great at letting us come over to look around and visit all the animals, even letting him run around the apple orchard where the chickens are kept. One of the morning's we were there I took my camera along and took a few pictures. Some of my favorites -  


soul shooting. a workshop.


I got to attend an incredible workshop last month called Soul Shooting. It was put on in Seattle by some of my favorite photographers - Molly Flanagan, Kellie Hatcher, Rosina Waszaj, and Sarah Robertson. I was pretty much in awe just being able to hear these 4 speak and share their wisdom with us! There were 25 of us in total attending and it really was an amazing experience. The workshop is still taking place per se, as over the next 3 months we all get to interact and do assignments together. I'm pretty excited to see how the next 3 months pans out.. and to learn a bit more about ourselves and our photography. I highly recommend this one if you ever have the chance!

While there we got to take part in a few shooting exercises. The first one was at the home of another photographer attending. We got to watch Molly & Sarah in action as well as take a few of our own photos.. which is easier said then done in a roomful of photographers!!  The 2nd family was back at the church where the workshop was held with Rosina & Kellie.  I was trying to really take it all in and observe as much as possible, but even so I was able to get a few random shots here and there. here are a few of my favorites from our time with the two families.

The first family with Molly & Sarah:


The second family with Rosina & Kellie:




whistler . an afternoon adventure.

My sister spends most of her time travelling the world & figure skating on cruise ships (she's super amazing & talented!). Several weeks ago she was in Vancouver and we made a trip up to whistler with my mom. The three of us spent the night and the next afternoon exploring the village & mountains. This is our afternoon documented. I hope you enjoy!