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An evening at the beach with friends . Vancouver Family Photographer

You know those friends who you sporadically keep in touch with throughout the years but of course with families, and jobs and it doesn't help that you live half way across the country from one another. Yet somehow you do keep in touch through weddings and random visits and facebook messages.. and when you meet up it's just like it always was.. plus a few extra kids and husbands.. and wow, life goes fast sometimes.  Such a great visit this past weekend from one of those friends who last time I saw her, had a new baby boy, and now 5 years later and 5 boys between us.  Such a wonderful weekend spent catching up and meeting the rest of her family. A little beach outing at Spanish Banks on their last night here and a few random photos.. I actually meant to take a lot more but I also was just enjoying myself so slacked a bit in the picture taking - it sat in the stroller nonetheless and every now and then I picked it up and snapped a few.  A few of those - DSC_2557DSC_2561DSC_2568DSC_2555DSC_2569DSC_2547DSC_2549DSC_2550DSC_2574DSC_2594DSC_2595DSC_2598DSC_2614DSC_2616DSC_2620DSC_2621DSC_2627DSC_2629DSC_2632DSC_2639DSC_2645DSC_2651DSC_2662DSC_2668DSC_2673DSC_2675DSC_2677DSC_2678DSC_2681DSC_2685DSC_2686DSC_2687DSC_2695DSC_2698DSC_2699DSC_2701DSC_2712DSC_2714DSC_2716DSC_2720DSC_2727DSC_2728DSC_2731DSC_2755DSC_2762DSC_2769DSC_2771DSC_2774DSC_2775DSC_2780