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Cohen, Avery & Blake . Vancouver Documentary Family Photographer

I arrived at Cohen, Avery & Blake's home just as the sun was coming up (apparently my kids aren't the only ones who like to rise at the crack of dawn!) and hung out with them for the entire day until they all went to sleep. It was a pretty fantastic and fun filled day and I LOVE that they were all so down with just being their selfs and letting me into their lives for the day. I enjoyed photographing them all so much and I have many favorites from my day with them - 


Charley & Owen . Vancouver Family Photographer

I've been photographing this family since Charley was in Mom's tummy. And Owen was my first birth session I ever photographed (and subsequently became hooked on documenting births!). Over the years we've become good friends, so it is always such a pleasure to take their photos.  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into their life as much as I enjoyed photographing it. 
Many many of my favorites from our 'day in the life' afternoon together - 


Soon to be a family of 4 . Vancouver Family Photographer

I'm soo behind on my family blogging so I thought, since baby brother is already several months old, why not start with this family maternity session. Big sister Klara, Bruce the dog and mom and dad. An afternoon and evening spent with them all, including a skype call with Grandma in Australia and a visit from her Grandma and Grandpa here in Vancouver. Love these types of casual maternity sessions that are really more just documenting the family as they are before the baby arrives. 
Many of my favorites (and the newborn session to be posted soon!) - 


Elliotte & Janie at the PNE . Vancouver Family Photographer

I've wanted to photograph a family session at the PNE forever!! So when this family suggested that, I was thrilled! And it was amazing... albeit challenging (if anyone has been to the PNE, you know how incredibly busy it is.. so basically people blocking every single shot so I had to be quick!) but so much fun. And Elliotte and Janie were the best - I loved that they had never had cotton candy before this trip to the PNE - there may be a LOT of cotton candy photos but I just love how excited they were to be eating it for the first time. But animals, rides, and even the super dog show - it was a fun evening. Thank you to Felicia for being on board with this and having me tag along. Many (way too many!) of the photos from the evening - 

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Baby Sohana Session Preview . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Last week I photographed little  Sohana, just 1 week, and her family - big Brother Krishen and Mom & Dad. The last time I saw and photographed them all was when Krishen was just 8 months so I was looking forward to seeing them all again and meeting Krishen as a big 3 year old! So much fun with all of them and as per usual, I have a hard time keeping my preview to just a few images, so a few more ;). Many many more to come in a bigger post soon - 



Gabrielle . 2nd Birthday

Admittedly, I'm not your typically Birthday Party photographer. Parents are usually thinking cake smashes or pretty posed photos of their children dressed in tutu's or little suit & ties. A birthday decorated for the pinterest boards made perfectly just so is not the birthday party I would be there to photograph. BUT when you get a family like this one - who are all for just documenting the experience and capturing the moments and all the little things that make a 2 year old.. well a 2 year old. That to me is capturing a birthday party for a child... because what other way would you want it captured, than to photograph who they are at that age on their birthday - their personalities and little expressions and moments that make them who they are rather than make it about something they are not. For this reason, I was so happy to be able to document Gabrielle's afternoon on her birthday spent with those who love her best of all. A small little preview and many more to come - 


Esme . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

A few months back I met up with Mathias and Chelsea at their apartment to document a few morning hours with their new baby girl, Esme. She was adorable and mom and dad clearly already have the hang of this new baby thing. Such a sweet little family that I was so happy to spend my morning with. 
MANY of my favorites from our time together - 


Dean & Chloe . Vancouver Family Photographer

I met up with Dean & Chloe (and mom & dad!) at their home on a sunny late afternoon/evening for a family session. I told them we would just hang out for the evening and I would capture their family just as it is.. so that's exactly what we did! I love these documentary sessions so much - capturing the little personalities of each member and the love they have for each other as they go about their evening with two little ones running around - often chaotic and busy, but so much fun and definatly a time to remember. 
Many of my favorites from our evening together - 

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Wylder . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

This is the 3rd time I've photographed this family - first big sister Charley,  then her 1 year photos and now with new baby Wylder. This was such a relaxed and 'simple' session. hanging out at home in pajamas, playing, diaper changing (truth be told I missed the beginning of dad's dirty diaper 'look' below, but was quick enough to catch the tail end of it. One of my favorites!). A bit of playing outside and on the bed as Wylder was getting changed. I also love photographing new big siblings - so much love, a bit of hesitation, and a lot of curiosity. I love that I photographed her at this newborn stage and now as a big sister. 
Thank you again to Liz & Noel for having me in your home to document your morning. xo

Sheryl . Vancouver Maternity Photographer

Meeting up with Sheryl and Chris at their home in Vancouver and heading out for a little walk around their neighborhood to a few of their favorite places. Afterwards,  up on their roof to catch a hopeful sunset but instead we were greeted by the first few drops of rain. It's that time of year in Vancouver and we finished up just in time!

I love these types of casual maternity sessions  - walking around finding pretty little areas in their own neighborhood, documenting new parents to be, and chatting along the way. I can not wait to come back and meet baby very shortly now!

A few of my favorite images from our time together - 


Knox and Ford . Vancouver Family Photographer.

Mom and I have been trying to set this session up for some time now.. but it seemed that something always got in the way - weather, timing, sick kids. A bit of a last minute opening and sunny skies, I messaged her on a Saturday morning to see if they happened to be free that afternoon/evening and they were! I was happy and excited to head out and finally document a day for them.  I think this is the 3rd (maybe 4th?) time that I've photographed them all.  The first being when their oldest was just a few months old and I had had my camera for all of 2 weeks. Not having my own kids or really anyone to photograph, I asked if I could practice with them. I cringe at those photos now but she says she still treasures them (I think she's just being nice! ha!). Now they have a toddler and the oldest is going into kindergarten in the fall. How time flies!  That being said, I do love going back and documenting families over the years. Adding new babies, new houses, and just seeing their little ones grow up.

Arriving just as they were returning from hockey practice with their oldest, we headed out to a few favorite little spots that they like to spend time at, and back home for dinner, bath time and bedtime stories. Thank you Leesons for letting me join you for an afternoon and evening to simply document your day together. Many of my favorites from our time together - 


Kelly & her boys . A family session preview

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous to photograph this family.. 3 boys! But it was so. much. fun! And they are the sweetest nicest boys you've ever met! I had a hard time narrowing down a few for a preview so I thought I would do a mini blog post instead. So many more of this family to come soon. 


Brielle & Brooke . Vancouver Family Photography

A few years ago I had decided that I only wanted to shoot weddings. It seemed that families were only looking for perfectly posed photos with everyone smiling at the camera.. matching perfectly coordinated outfits and kids were told to be on their best behavior and they'd get a treat afterwards. That is SO not me. I started to really dislike my family sessions and decided that maybe they just weren't for me. I wanted to shoot what was real - the imperfect, the mess and the chaos, actual real moments of love between family members. I wanted to have families invite me into their homes and on their regular routine adventures to just simply document. The  ups and downs that is parenthood and the little moments that show just how much love is in the home.. and of course the mess.. ohhh the mess! And then the most amazing thing happened.. I started finding these families who also felt the same. And this past year (particularly all the families I worked with this past summer & fall) have made me LOVE doing family sessions again. Seriously, if I photographed you and your family this past year you seriously rock.

So here is post of one such family.  I drove up to Squamish and documented an evening with the Ponkey's - Mom, Dad, Brielle & Brooke. And I had so much fun. And I think they did too. Because really, when you can just be yourself and not worry about having to look perfect in front of a camera or if the kids are going to behave, how can you not have fun?

So please, if this jives with you too. And you also want to document this little bit of time in your life for what it actually is - please get a hold of me. I am loving these sessions so so much. And time is going by much too fast with little ones to not have some documented memories of what it was like.