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Sassy & Ben . Vancouver Family Photographer.

It's always fun to return to families homes and photograph them several years later. The last time I photographed Beth's family, Ben was still in preschool and Sassy was just in Kindergarten. Now they are both school age and it's so fun to see how kids grow and change in just a few years. We did a half day session starting early in the morning - I think Ben may have been the only one awake when I arrived! The plan was to have breakfast at home and then head to Deep Cove for a family Kayak. I have to give HUGE thanks to Tara of Tara Lily Photography for offering to be my Kayak chauffeur for the day.. I'm not too sure how I would have managed otherwise! Oh, and there are entirely way too many kayak images.. but it was such a gorgeous day, how could I not! 
Many many of my favorites from our time together - 


Ea . Vancouver Family Photographer.

I met up with this family in their home to jump on beds with Ea, drink wine with mom & dad, chase dogs.. and take some photos of course!  After we headed through some local trails and blew dandelions, tried to get a decent family photo (their dog had other ideas!), ran and jumped, did cartwheels (well Ea did cartwheels!), and danced around the tennis courts. Overall a pretty fun little session in my mind! Ea is awesome and pretty much stole the show.. as I think you'll agree! RitchieFamily_lowres (2)RitchieFamily_lowres (3)RitchieFamily_lowres (4)RitchieFamily_lowres (5)RitchieFamily_lowres (6)RitchieFamily_lowres (7)RitchieFamily_lowres (9)RitchieFamily_lowres (10)RitchieFamily_lowres (11)RitchieFamily_lowres (13)RitchieFamily_lowres (15)RitchieFamily_lowres (17)RitchieFamily_lowres (22)RitchieFamily_lowres (23)RitchieFamily_lowres (26)RitchieFamily_lowres (28)RitchieFamily_lowres (29)RitchieFamily_lowres (31)RitchieFamily_lowres (35)RitchieFamily_lowres (39)RitchieFamily_lowres (40)RitchieFamily_lowres (42)RitchieFamily_lowres (43)RitchieFamily_lowres (46)RitchieFamily_lowres (47)RitchieFamily_lowres (48)RitchieFamily_lowres (49)RitchieFamily_lowres (51)RitchieFamily_lowres (52)RitchieFamily_lowres (54)RitchieFamily_lowres (55)RitchieFamily_lowres (58)RitchieFamily_lowres (61)RitchieFamily_lowres (62)RitchieFamily_lowres (65)RitchieFamily_lowres (69)RitchieFamily_lowres (70)RitchieFamily_lowres (72)RitchieFamily_lowres (73)RitchieFamily_lowres (74)RitchieFamily_lowres (81)RitchieFamily_lowres (83)RitchieFamily_lowres (84)RitchieFamily_lowres (87)RitchieFamily_lowres (89)RitchieFamily_lowres (92)RitchieFamily_lowres (94)RitchieFamily_lowres (95)RitchieFamily_lowres (100)RitchieFamily_lowres (102)RitchieFamily_lowres (105)RitchieFamily_lowres (106)RitchieFamily_lowres (108)