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Baby Sohana Session Preview . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Last week I photographed little  Sohana, just 1 week, and her family - big Brother Krishen and Mom & Dad. The last time I saw and photographed them all was when Krishen was just 8 months so I was looking forward to seeing them all again and meeting Krishen as a big 3 year old! So much fun with all of them and as per usual, I have a hard time keeping my preview to just a few images, so a few more ;). Many many more to come in a bigger post soon - 



Esme . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

A few months back I met up with Mathias and Chelsea at their apartment to document a few morning hours with their new baby girl, Esme. She was adorable and mom and dad clearly already have the hang of this new baby thing. Such a sweet little family that I was so happy to spend my morning with. 
MANY of my favorites from our time together - 

family, newborns

Francis . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

I love home newborn sessions.. particularly newborn sessions of first time parents.... watching them love on and adore their new baby. I loved when during this session after breakfast, mom and dad sat down with Francis (or Frankie as she's called) on the couch and just admired and loved her and obsessed over every perfect little part of her. And mom said 'this is basically all we do all day.. we just stare at her.' I miss that with my first. You do that with your 2nd of course, but it will always be different with your first. 
Sleeping, baby stretches, and nursing, pankcake breakfast and lots of love.. many of favorites from my morning spent with Miss Frankie - 

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Wylder . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

This is the 3rd time I've photographed this family - first big sister Charley,  then her 1 year photos and now with new baby Wylder. This was such a relaxed and 'simple' session. hanging out at home in pajamas, playing, diaper changing (truth be told I missed the beginning of dad's dirty diaper 'look' below, but was quick enough to catch the tail end of it. One of my favorites!). A bit of playing outside and on the bed as Wylder was getting changed. I also love photographing new big siblings - so much love, a bit of hesitation, and a lot of curiosity. I love that I photographed her at this newborn stage and now as a big sister. 
Thank you again to Liz & Noel for having me in your home to document your morning. xo

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Klara . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

 I love watching new moms and dads with their babies. The look in their eyes that is the look of a new love they've never even come close to feeling before, how they unconsciously stroke their skin over and over trying to memorize every little bit, how little fingers and little toes are now a road map to the heart. 

I photographed Klara's newborn session when she was just 5 days new to this world. She was such a sweetheart and this was such an enjoyable session to photograph. And big brother Bruce the dog - although not too sure yet about this new little baby, I'm sure they will be the best of buds in the years to come!  I also just realized I haven't blogged moms maternity photos yet and since they are some of my favorites I've sho,t I just might do that coming up. 
But for now, Klara's newborn images - 

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Stella . Vancouver Newborn Photographer

I love doing newborn sessions when there's an older sibling who's just become a big brother or big sister. So much love and so much fun. Stella was 10 days when we did her session and her big brother Riley was actually my very first newborn session ever just about 3 years ago so it was fun to come back and do little Stella's. Some of my favorites from the morning - StellaNewborn_lowres-2StellaNewborn_lowres-3StellaNewborn_lowres-4StellaNewborn_lowres-5StellaNewborn_lowres-6StellaNewborn_lowres-10StellaNewborn_lowres-12StellaNewborn_lowres-14StellaNewborn_lowres-15StellaNewborn_lowres-16StellaNewborn_lowres-20StellaNewborn_lowres-24StellaNewborn_lowres-25StellaNewborn_lowres-27StellaNewborn_lowres-28StellaNewborn_lowres-29StellaNewborn_lowres-33StellaNewborn_lowres-35StellaNewborn_lowres-43StellaNewborn_lowres-51StellaNewborn_lowres-53StellaNewborn_lowres-60StellaNewborn_lowres-64StellaNewborn_lowres-77StellaNewborn_lowres-85StellaNewborn_lowres-88StellaNewborn_lowres-89StellaNewborn_lowres-90StellaNewborn_lowres-94StellaNewborn_lowres-95StellaNewborn_lowres-97StellaNewborn_lowres-101StellaNewborn_lowres-102StellaNewborn_lowres-103StellaNewborn_lowres-107StellaNewborn_lowres-109StellaNewborn_lowres-112StellaNewborn_lowres-113StellaNewborn_lowres-114StellaNewborn_lowres-115

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A new baby sister named Pepper . Ewert Family . Vancouver Family Photographer


A documentary session with this new family of 5. Little Pepper arrived just 5 days before and she is seriously adorable and surrounded by a whole lot of love - including two big brothers (one who can't get enough of her.. and well.. one who is still deciding.) I think quite a bit of this family and mama Kyla, who is quite the photographer herself. I was so so happy to come and document their morning. Arriving with kids still in PJ's is the best - I  love all the images of them having breakfast & getting ready for the day. Also, this is probably the most images I've ever included in a family blog post.. but I really didn't know what to leave out. I think they all together tell the story of this family - the personalities, the love & bond they all have. Plus I know, mom will enjoy having these all together :).

A whole lot of favorites from this session - e (2)e (3)e (4)e (5)e (7)e (8)e (9)e (10)e (11)e (12)e (13)e (14)e (15)e (16)e (17)e (18)e (19)e (20)e (21)e (22)e (24)e (25)e (26)e (27)e (28)e (29)e (30)e (31)e (32)e (33)e (34)e (35)e (36)e (37)e (38)e (39)e (40)e (41)e (42)e (45)e (46)e (47)e (48)e (49)e (50)e (51)e (52)e (55)e (56)e (57)e (58)e (59)e (60)e (61)e (62)e (63)e (64)e (65)e (66)e (67)e (69)e (70)e (71)e (72)e (73)e (74)e (75)1 (1 of 1)resizee (77)e (78)e (80)e (82)e (84)e (84b) (1)e (84b) (2)e (84b) (3)e (85)e (86)e (96)e (97)e (99)e (100)e (100)be (101)e (102)e (104)e (105)e (105b) (1)e (105b) (2)e (105b) (3)e (106)e (107)e (108)




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Ford . Vancouver Newborn Photographer


I really love newborn sessions! Especially relaxed ones at home and especially with awesome little families like the Leesons.  Big brother Knox was actually one of the very first babies I took photos of a few years ago and now it was Ford's turn. And since he's already over 2 months old, this post is long overdue! Congratulations to you all once again and your new family of 4. A few of my favorites from our morning together -




Clara . Vancouver Newborn Photographer


There's nothing more special than those first few days at home with your brand new baby. They go by quickly and before you know it, that little newborn is not so little anymore. I always feel so incredibly honored when a family asks me to come into their home to document one of those first days. This is Clara - she was 5 days when I visited her and so incredibly loved by mom & dad and everyone around her.A  few of my favorite photos spent documenting their morning together -



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Clara . 5 days. Vancouver Newborn Photographer

I spent this morning photographing this family and their brand new baby girl Clara. I was planning on posting only a few images as a preview on my facebook page, but I had a hard time choosing.. so I decided to do a small blog post instead! Many many more photos of this family to come in a few weeks. I can't wait to share them!xo


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Evelyn & Payton . 10 days . Vancouver Newborn Photographer


I met up with this little family when Eveyln & Payton were just 10 days (you may remember their maternity session - it was one of my favorites).  They are perhaps the sweetest twin babies born to two people who are going to make the best mom & dad ever. These are two lucky little babes who have so much love in their lives. I can not wait to spend more time with them all as they get older. This was also one of the most relaxed & easygoing newborn sessions I've ever done (and with twins!) - clearly they're doing a thing a two right! some of my favorite images from their session -




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charley . 3 days. vancouver newborn photography

You may remember Charley's session preview from a few months ago. She was only 3 days old when I visited her and her new little family! And now she's over 2 months! She really is the sweetest and I had so much fun hanging out for the morning with this family again.  Kylie's maternity session was one of my favorites, so I  enjoyed getting to know them all a bit more with their brand new baby girl.Welcome Charley! xo

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odin . vancouver newborn photography

I met with this family when Odin was just 6 days! Now he's over 2 months!.. you may remember the preview from this session way back 2 months ago. Odin is such a sweet little baby who pretty much slept and cuddled in the arms of mom & dad for the entire time I was there. He also has quite the loving older brother.. who likes to be thrown really high (like really really high..!) and run circles around everyone..

Thank you for having me in your home to document your morning as a new family of 4. Odin, you have been welcomed into one loving & fun family!






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charley . 3 days . vancouver newborn photography

I spent yesterday morning with Charley and her family. She was just 3 days (3 days!!) when I saw her and so sleepy and so cuddly the entire time. Here is a small preview from our session. Lots more to come in a few weeks.xo

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Odin . 6 days. Vancouver Newborn Photographer

I got to spend yesterday morning with Odin and his family.  Odin was so teeny tiny, just 6 days old and pretty much slept the entire session! Already so loved by mom, dad & big brother; I can't wait to share more of this little family! But for now a small preview of our morning together.

Welcome Odin! xo

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Ebba . 3 months . vancouver family photography

Ok, so there are way too many images in this blog post! I know, I'm terrible at having super long posts. But I really can't help it. I'm just going to put it out there - that likely most of my blog posts will be super long.. I just love the 'story' of the session too much and I think that story deserves to be told.... which is a bit hard to do in a few select photos (I have a hard time even narrowing it down to this many for the post..!). The story.. that's what I love so much about lifestyle photography. That I can sit back and observe and take photos of families being themselves - in their own home or a place that's special to them. I can tangibly see that love and take an image in time of it.  It's that story that really tells you who the family is and shows the connections of love between them. Because a family is not represented by a perfectly posed photo in a field of flowers.. they are so much more then this. And that's what I loved so much about this family session. Being able to capture their story of a new baby and a new little family of 3. Such a regular morning (Miss Ebba was just waking from her morning nap when I arrived) of cuddles, feeding, diaper changes, play time, outside for a walk.. but it's their story and what's happening in their life right now. And I as so happy to be invited into their home to document it for them. I hope you enjoy their session.


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Jay . 3 weeks. Vancouver Newborn Photography.

A new family of four and so much fun to spend the morning with. Jay, you're too small to realize it now, but you are one lucky little guy to be welcomed into such an awesome & loving family. I can't wait to see you grow big and strong and learn to love your sister back as much as she loves you now! My favorites from our morning together.

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chloe . 10 days . vancouver newborn photography

Chloe was such a sweetheart. You may remember mama's maternity session  from a few weeks back. After that, I was looking forward to meeting her very much!  And I did, when she was just 10 days. Will & Emma are the most natural parents and Chloe was as comfortable as can be snuggled in their arms. We even got to take a few photos of her snuggled up with Grandma when she arrived at the end.These are some of my favorites from our time together. Congratulations once again Will & Emma. She is precious & beautiful.


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Adam . 7 days . Vancouver newborn photographer.

Adam has the most loving family ever. Big sister could not stop doting on hew new little brother during the entire session. It was so sweet to watch her with him. And then she almost stole the show with her awesome dance moves! I had so much fun for my afternoon at this home.. I just love lifestyle sessions like these. And to be honest I had a really hard time narrowing down the images I liked for the blog post (so I apologize, it's a long one!).

I hope you enjoy this little peek into Adam's home with his brand new little family.