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A new baby sister named Pepper . Ewert Family . Vancouver Family Photographer


A documentary session with this new family of 5. Little Pepper arrived just 5 days before and she is seriously adorable and surrounded by a whole lot of love - including two big brothers (one who can't get enough of her.. and well.. one who is still deciding.) I think quite a bit of this family and mama Kyla, who is quite the photographer herself. I was so so happy to come and document their morning. Arriving with kids still in PJ's is the best - I  love all the images of them having breakfast & getting ready for the day. Also, this is probably the most images I've ever included in a family blog post.. but I really didn't know what to leave out. I think they all together tell the story of this family - the personalities, the love & bond they all have. Plus I know, mom will enjoy having these all together :).

A whole lot of favorites from this session - e (2)e (3)e (4)e (5)e (7)e (8)e (9)e (10)e (11)e (12)e (13)e (14)e (15)e (16)e (17)e (18)e (19)e (20)e (21)e (22)e (24)e (25)e (26)e (27)e (28)e (29)e (30)e (31)e (32)e (33)e (34)e (35)e (36)e (37)e (38)e (39)e (40)e (41)e (42)e (45)e (46)e (47)e (48)e (49)e (50)e (51)e (52)e (55)e (56)e (57)e (58)e (59)e (60)e (61)e (62)e (63)e (64)e (65)e (66)e (67)e (69)e (70)e (71)e (72)e (73)e (74)e (75)1 (1 of 1)resizee (77)e (78)e (80)e (82)e (84)e (84b) (1)e (84b) (2)e (84b) (3)e (85)e (86)e (96)e (97)e (99)e (100)e (100)be (101)e (102)e (104)e (105)e (105b) (1)e (105b) (2)e (105b) (3)e (106)e (107)e (108)