Sophie . Granville Island Family Photography


This year I've really been trying to push 'documentary' style sessions with the families I work with. Basically having the family choose the location and activity that they all enjoy doing together - a particular park, a beach day, even the morning routine of making pancakes and playing around at home (pajamas and all!) Whatever it is, it has to mean something to the family. What ends up happening is capturing real memories and images of happy families just being themselves rather than having to pose and smile for the camera for several hours.  And then families can really look back on these images and remember what their life was really like and how their kids personalities really were and how much they all really loved each other. Capturing that for families is what makes my heart so happy and I've been loving these sessions so much this year. This was one such session - back when we had some snow in Vancouver and Sophie was just a few months old. This family often spends Sunday mornings walking down to Granville Island for breakfast, coffees and to just enjoy the quiet stillness of the island before the busyness later in the day. So that's what we did. I met them at home as they were getting ready for the morning and headed down to the island with them. A few of my favorites from our morning together -