Rach & Roo . vancouver family photographer


When I suggested to Rachel that we take photos at sunrise, she was all for it! I was actually hoping for a bit of fog, but I wasn’t hoping for rain! I had even messaged Rachel twice before our session – the 1st time to suggest re-scheduling because of the rain and the 2nd time to say never mind lets just do it.  She didn’t get either message until after the session.. so I love that she was all ready to go with Roo in the morning.. rain or shine! This park is about 5 minutes away from their house, and is one they frequent often. Of course, living in Vancouver – you get pretty used to the rain.. especially if you have little ones who like to play outside regardless! And I knew that Rachel quite often heads out with her boys in the rain, so I figured that it would be just like any other time. When arriving it was still dark and Roo was pretty excited for his morning ‘adventure’ with mom. With rain jackets and an umbrella in tow for my camera, we headed out to explore around. It was soon light (although no sunrise!) and the rain even let up a bit.

It was a pretty good morning and I was so happy we decided to just go for it. I love that it was just the two of them at the park on a quiet rainy morning – allowing me to really capture the connection and relationship between mom & son for Rachel.

Some of my favorites from our morning -