charlotte . vancouver family photographer


Laura & Scott are visiting Canada with their 6 month baby girl Charlotte for the month and we booked a family session while here. Charlotte is actually 2nd cousin to our little guy (and we attended Laura & Scott's wedding back before any of us had babies!) -  so it was fun getting to meet her for the first time!We headed down in the evening to a nearby beach and walked around, explored a bit and took a LOT of pictures! I actually spent quite a bit of time with this family.. I mean they are here all the way from Australia! And half way through the session, they put Charlotte in her stroller and she fell right asleep.. so I had some time with just mom and dad. And then Charlotte woke up and was a happy and giggly as can be.. so we took some more photos!

So yeah.. this is a long post! But it might be one of my favorite family sessions I've done so I hope you enjoy it.