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Ebba . 3 months . vancouver family photography

Ok, so there are way too many images in this blog post! I know, I'm terrible at having super long posts. But I really can't help it. I'm just going to put it out there - that likely most of my blog posts will be super long.. I just love the 'story' of the session too much and I think that story deserves to be told.... which is a bit hard to do in a few select photos (I have a hard time even narrowing it down to this many for the post..!). The story.. that's what I love so much about lifestyle photography. That I can sit back and observe and take photos of families being themselves - in their own home or a place that's special to them. I can tangibly see that love and take an image in time of it. Β It's that story that really tells you who the family is and shows the connections of love between them. Because a family is not represented by a perfectly posed photo in a field of flowers.. they are so much more then this. And that's what I loved so much about this family session. Being able to capture their story of a new baby and a new little family of 3. Such a regular morning (Miss Ebba was just waking from her morning nap when I arrived) of cuddles, feeding, diaper changes, play time, outside for a walk.. but it's their story and what's happening in their life right now. And I as so happy to be invited into their home to document it for them. I hope you enjoy their session.